Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Laptop Bekas Malang

Laptop Bekas
Ivy Bridge with 22-nm 3D transistor technology benefits: (1) increase the number of transistors per unit area: The number of transistors by the SNB 1.16 billion to 1.4 billion, more the number of transistors, the current passing through the greater. Transistor open high-performance load by as much as possible of the current; transistor open a saving state may be current drops to almost zero, and quickly switch between the two states, the strong signal processor capacity, and reduce unnecessary loss.

The several graphics assessments mixed between 89% and greater than laptop bekas 1 jutaan. In Unigine Paradise, both the statistical rating and fps rating exhibited 88% scaling. More remarkable still, the computer attained greater than 89% scaling at 1920x1200. At 2560x1600, scaling dropped to 86% for STALKER: COP and 61% for Predator versus Aliens, probably because of the restricted frame buffer. I think that the Kinect and whatever PS3 has would definitely be more enjoyable.

Also iPad with SB would still keep the competition miles away. With that being said, Sandy Bridge will be a welcome addition to my home soon. ASUS N56VM comes GT630M discrete graphics memory 2GB, although your 6 series graphics card, but its actual performance, it can not be compared GT650M Kepler graphics, 3Dmark default resolution run into 9511, but compared to the previous generation of GT540M graphics card slightly more astute, but not too much, if you are 1280*768 resolution, GT630M the run should be able to reach an extremely Cooling method No cooling holes can be seen on the MacBook Pro itself.

Although it is all aluminum enclosure, but it does not mean that it can totally rely on passive cooling to work properly. The secret is in the place where connects the screen and collective and that is why it is the hottest place while MBP working. Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook will come using an Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 platform (SandyBridge generation). The exact amount of memory on the machine we had on this overview was 4 GB.

The on hand HDD's for doing so laptop possess an exact amount of 320 GB or 500 GB. An remarkable characteristic which could be requested as a new laptop is the availability of an SSD drive, in an outstanding exact amount of 240 GB. Doing so laptop has the standard connecting with the internet configuration: Wi-Fi, wireless bluetooth, HDMI port, 2in1 small leaflet viewer, and an 1.3 MP web camera. The key feature of Sandy Bridge Intel AVX will increase performance in floating point, media and processor intensive software.

When used by software programmers, while the key features of Intel AVX (Advanced Vector Extensions) include wider vectors, increasing from 128 bit to 256 bit wide, resulting in up to 2x peak FLOPs output; enhanced data rearrangement, resulting in allowing data to be moved more efficiently, and three operand, non-destructive syntax for a range of benefits.

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